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StrongCock 3 years ago
This bitch is all meth’d out
Meth whore 2 years ago
Using a scale of 1 to Meth Freak hiw bad of a meth head actually is she?

I hope I never see a Meth head having sex again, it was horrible to watch
Stephen isHawking 2 years ago
Tweaked out whore is so spastic, and desperate for the cash that it makes it unwatchable.
Teedo 2 years ago
Agreed with others! This is a totally classless fuck, don’t ya think??
2 years ago
Thats methed up
Hot Becca 3 years ago
Anytime you see a guy wearing a rubber you know your losing the feelings that bareback dick gives you so that maybe why looks sort like they not having fun !
Yoo 1 year ago
This girl looks healthy. She's fine as hell. Nails done. hair done. She even bleaches her asshole. I highly doubt she is a methhead. Yall mad or sumthin? She has a boob job. Other than that she looks nice. And when she's on top she rides good. Lots of women try to like break your dick in half cuhz it feels good for them. She stroking that jank. Yall clearly haven't been with a woman. You can do it guys have faith. Just wear them down. Be relentless. One day the door will be unlocked.
2 years ago
And this dude banged this meth ho? Yea, you better cover the stump before you hump did ho
3 years ago
It's like watching 2 retards having sex.
Bery 3 years ago
I want dick