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2 years ago
How can a hot chick and a big dick like that be so damn boring to watch? Did they even want to fuck?
4 years ago
His arm.....?
3 years ago
Wtf he’s so skinny its unhealthy. Dude doesnt have enough blood in his body to even stay hard lol
Alexa 2 years ago
Stay awake there!... And don't forget to moan every once in a while, if you can keep
making yourself to moan
4 years ago
Skinny dude with long cock should be a lot more excited to fuck her. She’s young and pretty and most men would jump at the chance to fuck her bare like that.
NeedSomeAss 3 years ago
I need my dick sucked
Sarah 2 years ago
I just don’t know what t is about skinny guys with large dicks ! I really want a big white pole that stands true hard out so you’ll enjoy it more !
Ozymandias 2 years ago
She is lovely, I'd love to suck her tits, lick her cunt and shag her but also suck his beautiful cock and those gorgeous balls and drain all his spunk into my mouth.

I loved the way she reached down to hold his balls while he fucked her cunt. My wife used to do that and the feeling was euphoric.
3 years ago
To bad he can’t get hard she might actually enjoy it!!! I would rather have a shorter harder dick than a large limp noodle!!!
1 year ago
It's a pity to have so much dick and can't get it hard and wouldn't know what to do with it if you could.