Leveranciers van foto’s aan
Rein Geurtsen Urban Design
Caddvision – CAD-tekenwerk en 3D-visualisatie

Heeft u foto’s die u beschikbaar wilt stellen om te publiceren op dan kunt u dit aangeven via onderstaand formulier.

Wilt u vermeld worden als gebruiker van, dan kunt u dit aangeven bij uw bestelling.

  3 Responses to “Participanten”

  1. Even kijken of het reactieformulier werkt

  2. hello there owner discovered your blog via search engine.
    It was hard to find and I see you could have more visitors because there are not so many comments yet.
    Take care. Mike

  3. As always, very nice set, beautifully photographed! Are just excellent And a naturally beautiful and interesting model is what I take as a something usual on your site By the way, when you mentioned that dark viewfinder of your Contax 645 I suppose you mean Contax MF-1 Prism Finder
    BUT did you try the Contax MF-2 Waist Level Finder? For work from tripod (and when you have enough time to focus (so quick snapshots are not the case I’m talking about), it’s really joy using this finder.
    Yes, it is (as everything for that camera) a bit pricey, but it worth every penny (find Contax MF-2 on ebay, if you want to).

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